Sustainably Farmed Wines, Continuous Innovation

Our commitment to sustainable practices is at the core of all our operations. From grapes to glass, follow the process to learn how we’re committed to making a difference one bottle at a time.

Drip Irrigation

Water is one of Monterey’s most precious resources. With so much of the county’s land devoted to agriculture, it is essential that farmers utilize tools and methods to minimize usage. To that end, all of our estate vineyards feature 100% drip irrigation equipped with technology that senses soil moisture and monitors plant stress. By carefully dispensing water on a vine-by-vine basis, we have been able to dramatically lower our water requirements.

Low Impact Farming 

We farm our vineyards using low impact methods to lessen soil compaction, control pests and promote beneficial insects and microbiologic activity. We compost 100% of the grape pomace, stems and seeds and spread it back into the vineyards.

Cover Crops

Cover crops are an important tool to naturally improve soil health, prevent erosion, control vine vigor, discourage weeds and promote sustainable health in the vineyard. All of our vineyards have cover crops planted between alternating rows of vines.

Pest Management

We follow an integrated pest management strategy that harnesses beneficial insects to control pests. We utilize low impact methods, such as the application of herbal-based preparations, to promote soil vitality through increased microbiologic activity and diversity.

Owl Boxes

Owls are a natural way to control destructive rodents such as gophers and field mice. To accommodate the local barn owl population, we have built more than 250 owl boxes throughout our 11 vineyard sites.

Vineyard Ecology

All of our estate vineyards and winery are officially certified by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), a statewide certification program that provides third-party verification of a winery’s commitment to sustainable winegrowing practices. Driving our efforts at District 7 is a core belief that the best wines come from vineyards and ecosystems that are in balance. For decades, we have been at the forefront of innovation and applied technology in our vineyards to improve wine quality while reducing water use, shrinking our carbon footprint, and advancing sustainability.

Wine Turbine 

Our wind turbine stands tall above the local countryside with blades that reach 396 feet into the sky. It generates 100% of the power needed to run our winery and bottling operations, plus power an additional 125 homes with renewable energy. It is the perfect power source for the inexhaustible winds of the Salinas Valley and is more effective than solar as wind turbines generate electricity at night and don’t lose efficiency due to dust.


Our state-of-the-art winery is designed to reduce energy usage and cut waste. Our lights are fitted with automatic sensors that turn on and off as needed. Our tanks have insulating jackets to reduce heating and cooling energy needs. We recycle 100% of our winery water through our irrigation ponds for reuse in our vineyards.

Our People 

It takes a large team to craft and distribute our wines, including particularly long hours from our vineyard and winemaking teams during harvest. No company can be great without great people, and the tremendous commitment and work ethic of our entire team makes them one of the most valuable assets of our company. From grapes to glass, the process never ends.