Amazing Monterey: Point Lobos State Natural Reserve 🌿🦋

Vincent Catalaà, one of our winemakers enjoys spending time at Point Lobos in Carmel. One of California’s 280 state parks, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is a magnet for nature lovers around the world. With its breathtaking beauty, fascinating wildlife and friendly and knowledgeable volunteers, Point Lobos is a place where one can experience nature at its best and explore this area’s fascinating human history.

While the California Department of Parks and Recreation continues its work to find creative ways to sustain our state parks, Point Lobos is benefitting from the support of the Point Lobos Foundation. Our mission is to protect and nurture Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, to educate and inspire visitors to preserve its unique natural and cultural resources, and to strengthen the network of Carmel Area State Parks. The Foundation is the sole source of funding for the model volunteer program, protects the Reserve’s environmental health and historical integrity by funding work on trails, facilities and vegetation, and continuously strives to improve programs and services for approximately one million visitors each year.

Point Lobos is a natural reserve, not a park, and afforded the highest level of statewide protection. The purpose of a reserve is to forever protect an area of unique natural beauty and ecological significance. You can do your part by staying on marked trails, leaving natural objects where you find them, and respecting wildlife in their natural habitat.