Amazing Monterey: Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail 👟🏃‍♀️

“Running along the trail by the Monterey Bay, especially early in the morning, is an uplifting experience for me. There are times when the sun is coming up, the water is glistening and the views along the coastline are so breathtaking that they put me in a state of total awe.”

– Heidi Scheid, Executive Vice President 

Winding along the Pacific coast, the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and a great way to tour Monterey and adjacent communities while enjoying the outdoors. This wonderful coastal rail-trail currently extends 18 miles from Pacific Grove to Castroville and is regarded as one of the most scenic long trails in California.

The trail follows the former Southern Pacific Railroad line, which was once used to transfer goods between the historic fishing town of Monterey and the rest of northern California. Beginning in Pacific Grove at Lovers Point Park (the southern end of the trail), you will want to take a picture of the beautiful rocky shoreline to the west. But don’t put your camera away yet—the beautiful views continue, and there are many photo opportunities along the trail of beach scenes, otters, boats, kayakers and more.