Amazing Monterey: La Balena 🍝🍷

“Eating at La Balena is like having a fantastic Italian friend invite you to dinner at his house. I remember an evening here with my mom and three children – we ordered a wonderful assortment of dishes to share family-style. The conversation flowed, there was so much laughter and warmth, not a cell phone in sight. It was a perfect moment in time that I will treasure forever.”

– Heidi Scheid, Executive Vice President 

La Balena locates the freshest, local and nearly always organic ingredients and transforms them into handmade cuisine, served as if you were family. Their seasonal menu includes artisanal Italian classics such as Spaghetti al Sugo Finto, Pollo Fritto and Fritatas. La Balena is located in Carmel on Junipero between 5th and 6th on the west side of the street.